Have Fun of Irresistible Black at Beitshemesh
Imp Netherlands
Qualifier Working & Herding Puppy of the Year (2012), Qualifier Dog of the Year (2012), SALKA Junior Dog Of The Year Qualifier 2012

Though Cardis are my main focus, I always harboured a desire to own a Groenendael again one day. In preparing for my first trip to the Netherlands, I started networking with BSD breeders there out of interest. It was through this process that I discovered the litter that Katie had been born into. When I saw a photo of her at 2 or 3 weeks old, I fell in love and though none of the girls were available (I could only possibly take a girl), I kept in touch because of the way that this litter were being raised by their breeders - Gea and Gert Meerholz.

I kept in touch and followed the progress of this litter. I even arranged a visit while I would be in Holland. In her 8th week I received a phone call telling me that she was available. I said yes and THANK YOU without hesitation. Fate has a way of working things out to the extent that whe would be exactly the appropriate age to fly to SA on the same flight as I was booked to return on.

Katie no longer lives at Chez Beitshemesh. She is now living the life of Riley with Michelle Moll where she is loved by all and especially by her Malinois friend Raven with whom she plays up a storm.


Sex: Bitch
D.o.B: 2011/06/23
Breeder: Gert & Gea Meerholz
Owner: E. Sundelowitz
Damon du Bois du Tôt Tenessy de la Fureur du Crépuscule Rival de la Fureur du Crépuscule If du Crépuscule des Loups
Newty de la Fureur du Crépescule
Pretty de la Fureur du Crépuscule Jason de la Douce Plaine
Griotte de la Fureur du Crépescule
Oh Lala du Bois du Tôt Gylson de la Fureur du Crépuscule Ares du Bois du Tôt
Bettina du Parc de l'Hay
Monoi du Crépuscule de Loups Femto du Bois du Tôt
Fidji du Castel d'Argences
Dark Djenga of Irresistible Black Storm de Bruine Buck Otomne de la Douce Jour J de Condivicnum
Joy de la Douce Plaine
Kim de Bruine Buck Jarl-wendy van Lana's Hof
Nozem de Bruine Buck
Azra-Tayra of Irresistible Black Boetsch de Bruine Buck Greco de la Grande Lande
Nozem de Bruine Buck
Jodie Gaia of Dark Brightness Trisco v.d Hoge Laer
Bionic Gaïa of Dark Brightness



Katie at Shows:
SA Ladies Kennel Association - Sunday 07 October 2012 CC Bitch, RBOB
TKC Kennel Club - Saturday 06 October 2012 CC Bitch, Best Junior, BOB
TKC KC FCI International Show - Friday 05 October 2012 Excellent, CACIB, BOB
Goldfields KC - Saturday 18 August 2012 CC Bitch, Best Junior, BOB
Durban and Districts KC - Saturday 30 June 2012 CC Bitch, Best Junior, BOB, Group 3, Junior Group 1
Junior Kennel Club - Saturday, 23 June 2012 RCC Bitch and RBOB (Groenendael)
Highveld BSD Club (Marion Ten Cate, Neth) - Sunday, 17 June 2012 Excellent, RCC, Best Puppy (Groenendael), Reserve Best Puppy in Show
George Kennel Club - Sunday, 09 June 2012 RCC Bitch, RBOB
Outeniqua Kennel Club - Saturday, 08 May 2012 RCC Bitch, RBOB
Western Gauteng Kennel Club - Sunday 13 May 2012 Best Puppy, CC Bitch, BOB, Puppy Group 2
Northern Tshwane Kennel Club - Saturday 12 May 2012 Best Puppy, CC Bitch, BOB, Puppy Group 3
Highway Kennel Club - Saturday 28 April 2012 Best Puppy, CC Bitch and RBOB (Groenendael), Herding Puppy Group 2
Natal Working & Herding Breeds Association - Friday 27 April 2012 RCC Bitch (Groenendael)
Eastern Districts Kennel Club - Saturday 21 April 2012 CC Bitch, Best Puppy, BOB (Groenendael), Group 2, Puppy Group Winner
Witwatersrand Kennel Club - Sunday 25 March 2012 Best Puppy, CC Bitch and BOB (Groenendael), Herding Puppy Group 4
Transvaal Midlands Kennel Club - Saturday 24 March 2012 Best Puppy, CC Bitch and BOB (Groenendael)
Pretoria Kennel Club - Friday 23 March 2012 Best Puppy, CC Bitch and BOB (Groenendael)
Vereeniging & Districts Kennel Club - Saturday 17 March 2012 Best Puppy, CC Bitch and BOB (Groenendael)
Highveld Belgian Shepherd Dog Club (Open Show) - Sunday 19 February 2012 Best Groenendael Puppy, RBOB (Groenendael), BPIS (accross all three varieties of Belgians shown)
Transvaal Benevolent Show (Open Show) - Sunday 22 January, 2012: Best Groenendael Puppy, BOB, Herding Puppy Group 3
Working & Herding Breeds (Open Show) - Sunday 15 January, 2012: Best Puppy, BOB, Herding Puppy Group 1 & Res Best Puppy in Show